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We Are Duly Bored & Restless – LP

WeAreDulyBored FINAL

  1. Picking The Wound
  2. Queasy
  3. Abigail
  4. All Your Ropes Hang Down
  5. Carrion Crow
  6. Gloaming & Blear
  7. Oh No
  8. The Mordake Siblings
  9. Ghosting
  10. Great Facilitator
  11. The Last of Me

Our great new album.

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Lines+Squares – EP1


1. Cold Light
2. Bird Bath
3. Polygon Sky
4. To Never Bring You A Rose
5. Overflow

Kicking off full of glistening hope and good intentions, L+S is slowly beaten into a bitter and bleak descent of resignation until the whole thing collapses under the weight of its own melancholy. Spreading itself over the gamut of rock, indie, folk and pop and incorporating guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, mandolin, zither, Theremin, cello and shaky egg, Lines+Squares is a 20-minute tour-de-force of bittersweet introspection, both wistful and moody.

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Banana Boat – EP2


1. The Narrowminds
2. I Think You Saw Me
3. Limoncello
4. Get Dead
5. Human Debris

To bridge the bilge-pop quagmire between our first EP and our forthcoming magum opus, we have popped our musical sausage into ELECTRO-GASH. ‘Banana Boat’ presents five synth-laden, melancholy acid anthems from your favourite misery-mongers.

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Pelican Daughters are a south London-based indie band that marries an off-kilter rock instinct to a bittersweet pop sensibility.